Hi there, It's Olivia from the year 2052!

A little bit about me:

Hii there, my name is Olivia. I'm 8 years old and I live in Costa Rica with my family. If your a coming from the past I welcome you to my website, which I built in order to give humanity an insight on what their future would look like by 2050.

My family is part of this indigenous tribe here in Costa Rica, so that's my parents are always taking part in this projects to try and restor parts of our wild life. So since I can remember I've been very interested in how our humanity is damaging the environment. My parents always tell me how our planet looks very differente to what it looked 30 years ago, and they say it doesn't necessarily look better. The Palm Oil Industry has destroyed pretty much the entire wild life in our planet. They doesn't really care about our planets wild life, they just care about making money and more money.

I know I'm just a little kid and I always get told I know nothing about our environment,that I should let the grown ups handel it..but let me break it to you! Grown ups have been handeling it since we can remember and as you can see it hasn't work, has it?Sadly grown ups have another vission about what our future should look like. They seem to think that money is the ultimate goal, which it isn't. What about when our planet collapses entirely? Will their money save them? So why not take care of our planet, so that future generations can enjoy it as much as our parents did when they were kids?

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