Designing "Fiction"

Here I'm showing you one of my favourite poster that an artist created in my time (2052)! I know it may seem fictional, but oh boy it's real. In the poster you can maybe recognize New York..or maybe you can't anymore. You can see the new "ambulantius" as well, which es the newest ambulance.

This ambulance is able to walk and fly at the same time. As you can see there isn't much left from New York so driving as before isn't possible anymore. So the automobile companies had to come up wit some new technologies so that people was able to transit in some kind of way. And the Ambulantius is just one of those inventions adapted for hospitals to use in case of emergencies. So as you can see not just our planet as it is has changed, but many other things had to change or evolve in order for us humans to live as "normal" as possible.

Designed by: Sofia Baires

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